IMC's Team

Our Team has over 80 years combined personal experience in the planning, appraisal and design of world-class marinas and associated facilities. Our focus is on customising our services to your needs while integrating innovative designs into the environment. Our team aims to provide timely information and aesthetically pleasing designs that are both practical and functional.

International Marina Consultants Director:

John Leman - Director

John has had over 25 years experience in the investigation, planning, feasibility appraisal and detailed design of modern marine facilities projects including overseas developments in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and The United Arab Emirates. Being an avid participant in recreational boating and competitive yacht racing lead John to specialise in marinas. His scope of experience includes planning and design of marinas, boat servicing facilities and integrated waterfront developments. He has also been involved in the co-ordination of Impact Assessment Studies, design of customised floating structures for public and private use, major super-yacht facilities and public floating walkways.