International Marina Consultants (IMC) was formed in 1992 with a sole focus to meet the rapidly growing demand for marina and waterfront facilities worldwide. To meet the demand for high quality facilities IMC has developed an understanding of the local and global needs of the waterfront industry, ensuring that all marinas are integrated into the natural environment with sensitivity. That is why IMC has been able to so successfully provide specialist services for the planning, design and feasibility of numerous marinas and associated waterfront facilities.

Over time, IMC has developed specific approaches to assist clients in achieving their objectives. IMC have done this by embracing individuality in our consulting approach. Our ability to tailor our specialised services to the unique requirements of our clients ensures that projects are delivered in accordance with client expectations - on time and within budget.

IMC services include individualised reports, studies and designs. IMC understands the value a marina and other waterfront facilities can add to a development, and we ensure that the look and feel provides enhancement to the rest of the project.

IMC believes its hallmark to be good communication and a focus on service. This can be seen in the successful results of its past projects.

The development of a new marina or waterfront facilities requires a diverse range of skills. IMC understands this and provides a high level of experience in this area. This means that you receive the highest level of planning and design with an accurate perception of your unique vision.

To facilitate your project, our team is committed to assisting each client once the project brief has been established. This is achieved through maintaining, upgrading and expanding your facilities in the most appropriate and cost effective manner, which all helps to enhance your asset.

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All projects completed by IMC are approached as a unique entity. This enables us to understand your view of the final product and that's why we see the need to develop a clear set of aims and objectives. IMC is renowned for its capabilities intailoring its services to meet the vision of your individual project requirements. With all projects IMC's practical engineering background proves to be an invaluable asset to the interaction with other members of the consulting team. This ensures all projects are well planned, feasible and cost effective.